Could this be the best USB drive ever?!

Have you ever needed extra space on your phone and just didn’t know where to find it?! Well, look no further. This USB drive by Auanoz could be the one for you.


I got the 64Gb version to trial, just to see if it was worth it before getting the 128Gb version. I have to admit it works really well…  Let me explain.

Whats in the box

In the box, you’ll find the pen drive, a USB converter, and a user guide.


It looks very cool. All metal design with a flip top stylus attached to it. It does the job very well.  It’s pretty light, although it was never going to be very heavy, it’s a USB pen drive.  This is quite literally a PEN drive. It has a capacitive touch nib, so you can use still access your phone with normal gloves on.


It’s pretty quick with the application they get you to download for the iPhone. However, on the android no application is required, it simply plugs in and plays. The data transfers there seem to be very good. I have used it a few times to transfer photos over from one Android device to another.

Drive Storage Capacity

Being 64Gb means you have a tonne of space available. 64Gb is pretty much the same size as a base model iPhone, some Android devices also start with 64Gb drive space. After a number of weeks using this, I can say I should have bought the 128Gb version instead of the the 64Gb.  It’s the same size, and the only difference is the size of the drive inside. More storage, just means I can carry around more tracks, more movies, more documents, pretty much more of everything. Which is always a good thing.


Great drive, worth a punt, and will be very useful, as I can use it to transfer photos from my wife’s iPhone to my Android. Priced reasonably well, although I am finding more and more drives like this one on Amazon. So I do not think it will be long before they all drop their prices a little bit. But for now, great purchase!

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