Monster power bank, could probably jump start your car…. probably

Do you travel a whole lot? Always looking for a place to plug in your tablet or mobile device? STOP! This is what you’ve been waiting for!

This was one of my Christmas gifts. I have a few RavPower power banks. I started off using the smaller ones and got larger ones as I went along. My wife keeps taking my current power bank as it has a USB Type-C port. So to replace mine, she bought me this one for Christmas.

This is the one she took from me which has the same power just different ports:

USB C / Type C PD Power Delivery Power Bank RAVPower 26800mAh Portable External Battery Pack (Faster Recharged in 4.5 Hours with USB-C Input, 30W Type-c Output) Portable Charger for USB C Laptops

In the box, you get the power bank, a carry case, and two Micro USB cables. It has three normal USB ports, and one Micro USB input which allows you to charge the Power Bank. That’s pretty much it.

This Power Bank has 26800mAh of juice! It’s enough to charge my current mobile over 7 times. This is great for someone who spends so much time traveling. With a 2.4A plug, you can charge the Power Bank within 14-15 hours. I’ll be honest, I do not think I have charged this fully, ever. I charge it up once a week usually for about 13 hours, which for me is more than enough to charge my phone more than 6 times. Once charged this is left in my jacket pocket so I can grab it anytime I need it. Used this over the holidays at a family event, had three devices plugged in, charging at the same time, which is pretty good. Also all three of the USB ports are iSmart, I have other power banks, where that is not the case, only one

Is it worth it? Yes totally! It heavy, but the larger power banks always are. It has enough juice in there to charge my Surface Pro at least 4 times, if only I could find a USB charger cable for it. It’s a worthwhile purchase, and you’ll not look back if you buy it.

If you are looking for a power bank with a USB Type C port, then this is not the one for you, have a look at the linked power bank above.

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