Fun toddler toys for bath time fun!

Bath time is always fun with toys! This game is great fun, not just for the kids but I think the adults will enjoy it too.

What do you get?

In the box, you get six squishy toys, a fishing net, and a fishing rod. The six squishy toys include: 1x duck, 3x fish, 1x octopus, and 1x dolphin. Of the six squishy toys, there are three with hooks on the tops which incidentally look like cute little blowfish. The other three do not have any hooks on top and are used with the fishing net.

How to play:

The fishing net can be used with all the fish in the pack, but the hook only works with the three fish with the hooks on the back, which now seems a little obvious. The kids have an easy enough time to catch the fish with the net, but had a slightly harder time with the hook.  After a while though, they did get the hang of it.

The good thing about the fishing rod and the fish with the hooks is that you can play them outside of the bath. Which is actually what happened as soon as the toy was opened. Good fun!


These make a fantastic gift and will make a great addition to the bath time toy collection.

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