[2-Pack] EasyAcc PocketLine USB 2.0 Micro to USB Cable

Two cables, great quality and build. They have been working well for the past few weeks. I have had no issues other than losing them in my bag a few times. They are small. Not their fault I wanted smaller cables.

You get two in the pack, as the name suggests it’s a 2-pack. They are made wit ha unibody design, which is one bit of plastic covers the cable and the ends. Great feel, they are well made. They claim you can plug in and remove 10,000 times. Which is a lot, even if you do this once a day that’s well over 27 years of use, that is if you make it past the 5,000 bends it can take. To be honest, if you break these I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Check out the video for a full breakdown of the cables and a closer look.

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