Anker Ice-Case Lite Transparent Clear Protective Case for iPhone 7 – Coming Soon

Firstly I know, I know, 5 stars?! Er, for the price? £7.99 – for sure. Let me explain….

This is a two-part case, you get the inner transparent flexible plastic case which snugly fits your iPhone 7. You then have the second part of the case which is a not so flexible bumper.

Both of these parts are very well made, the transparent flexible has textured finish on the inside. Whereas the outside is smooth. This adds a little pattern when you are checking out the back of your phone. Almost indistinguishable, but you look carefully and you’ll see it. It also feels well made in terms of the general thickness of it.

The bumper is plastic and does not flex a lot. It’s enough that you can slip in on over the first case and is a good fit. It’s not loose, and once on actually makes the entire case feel like it should be there.

I like the additions to the design as well, you have these raised dots on either side of the case where you would generally hold your phone to provide additional grip. Not something you would always find on a case this cheap, and I should know, I go through lots of cases, and mostly because I drop my phone or throw it around. Let’s see how long I can make this case last for. So far it’s been over a month, and the case still looks brand new. Very pleased!

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