Elefull USB Flash Drive 8GB With Free Micro USB OTG Adapter

I have very few USB drives, and this is one which I thought might help with transferring the few documents I have on my mobile (Galaxy Note 4) to a PC without having to ever plug it in. One less cable so to speak. Funny thing is, I ALWAYS carry my cable around with me. So not really something I needed. But check out the green adapter, its in the shape of Android! How cool is that?! Let’s begin shall we. BTW, here’s where to find it: Product Link

It’s a 2.0 drive, so I went in thinking it was going to be slow. But it’s not too bad.


Speed Tester
WRITE: 4.05 MB/Sec
READ: 16.61 MB/Sec

Inside the box you have a lanyard for can be fixed to the USB drive so you can wear it round your neck (not sure who does this though). I will be putting the lanyard on just so it’s easier to find when I throw it in my bag, I then only have to look for a bright green strap. The drive is pretty small after all. A gift is the converter which changes this from a USB to a micro USB, which is great if you have android phone. As you now have an external drive for your phone, no more running out of space! It’s plug and play as well, so I was able to transfer some files to and from the drive.

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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