Elefull Super 2.4A Quick Charge Lightning Artificial Leather

It’s a lightning cable wrapped in alligator skin (fake of course!) and its already proved more popular at the office and at home than any other iPhone cable I have ever owned. Here’s where to find it: Product Link

It’s fake alligator skin, enough said! OK, OK. Like I mentioned its fake animal print, so guessing some plastic mix. It’s nice enough though. The cable feels thick, which in my mind instantly means it will not break. Will have to see on that front. They have black plastic rings around the cable where it links to the connectors (USB or Lightning), and this must add to the strength of that area. I do not know about you, but I am always having an issue with my cable fraying where it attaches to the connector. Many a cable has been thrown because of this reason! This is looking up. The plastic is not a wrap, it is actually sewn together on one side. The attention to detail is very good!

The charging is the same as the normal iPhone cable you can buy. There is not much difference in it. During the charging test, both cables power fluctuated based on what the phone was doing at the time. But the average was roughly the same. I only tested this on an iPhone 6S, so was unable to find out if it could indeed reach 2.4A. I managed to get 1A over the cable. The data transfers were also like for like with an iPhone cable.

For the price you are getting a great looking cable which is as good as if not better than a genuine iphone cable!

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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