Elefull Super 2.4A Quick Charge Artificial Leather

Having used the cable now for a few days, I am pleasantly surprised. I usually stick with Samsung cables as they always seem to work best. I still have the original cable which cab=me with the phone. It’s a bit grey now, but works fine! I really put this cable through the wringer! Here’s where to find it: Product Link

It comes in a very handy plastic presentation box, which is where I store my cable once I have finished using it. No plastic clasps, just a magnet, so if you do wrap the cable wrong, the box will not close properly. I like the artificial leather look. Although it’s not leather and so will not wear and tear the same, as leather softens up. I think this will not soften as much. I also like the ends, where the connectors are there is a black plastic around the able, which acts as a kind of re-enforcement I guess. I used have a terrible time with my apple cables tearing at this point. It’s 1m long as well. So not too short.

They say this is 2.4A capable. I am not sure though. I have checked it with a power reader, and can get the same amount of power out of my charger as I would with an original Samsung cable, 1.62A. That being said, if your device takes more power in then this is possible going to be the case. I do not have any such devices so was unable to test that. The transfer rates are the same as the Samsung cable as well, which is another bonus.

Well worth a look. The cable surround feels tough and like it will last. Good charge capabilities for my phone and good transfer speeds. All in all a good cable. Only 4 stars as there are other cables out there which are cheaper. But aside from that, this is a great product!

I just dropped my phone whilst charging, I grabbed the cable, and normally the phone would just drop off regardless, but not this time! The connection with the Elefull has to the phone is great, fitted and firm. Not too fitted mind you. You can easily put the cable in and remove it, even with one hand.

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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