Discoball 3W COB+5 LED Inspection Lamp,Work Light with adjustable Stand and Magnet Base

I like to work on the house, whatever the time, which means I really need to have something which is bright and provide enough light for me to carry on working without straining to see what’s happening. Up until now I have been using a plug in flood light. I say up until now. I am still using it. This torch though provides excellent light coverage. Here’s where to find it: Product Link


There are two modes on the lamp. You have the torch mode which is activated by a single press of the button from the off state. Then there is the work light mode, from torch mode press the button one more time and the big work light switches on. Both lights are very bright. There is a magnetic base, I can see this being very useful for when I need to change a tyre in the dark, or when working on the engine of my car. A small plastic hook can also be found on the back of the light. It seem strong enough to hold the lamp. Used the hook once during a power cut. Just hooked it on to a cabinet handle so we could cook with some light.

The torch is one of the best I have owned, it can light up the garage without any issues (50ft away). The work light is great too! It’s very bright, and provides a very good spread. Recently had to replace the sink tap. The work light provided more than enough light to see everything clearly. It is very bright indeed. We have also reached for this when there was a power cut on the road. Provided plenty of light for the room, so you could see what you were doing, but it’s not like a 40w bulb.

3 AA batteries. These seem to last a while, just not sure how long for. They say you will get 5-6 hours out of 3 batteries. I am currently on 5 hours use, and the batteries are still going. Although I am now noticing a flicker in the LED work light.

For the price there really are no downsides. You know exactly what you are getting. A power supply to run off the mains, so you have the option of either mains powered or battery would have been nice. But aside from that, it’s a great torch and very useful!

There was no power supply, I did not read the description properly. I Was too lazy to send it back and now own a battery operated lamp. Which is OK, I have left it in the car for hte time being. I can always grab it for when I need to work under the sink, or in the loft.

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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