VicTsing 2-in-1 Charging Dock Stand Docking Station Bracket Cradle Holder for Apple Watch

We got this as we were getting an Apple Watch, one thing led to another, and we ended up not buying one. Which is a shame as we now own a great little desktop holder but with no Apple Watch to showcase on top of it. Here’s where to find it: Product Link

The holder is very smart looking and has a night weight and feel about it. The ability to put your phone in landscape mode and it sits up means you can watch movies on it if it takes your fancy. Although you would need ot carry it around, something most people will not do.

The docking station is NOT wireless, you have to have your cables for both the iphone and the apple charger and only then can you charge anything. The cable for the iPhone will stick out of the side, and you will have to manually plug it in and unplug it when you are ready. The video shows where the cables will need to be threaded through.

Great stand, looks the business and is functional! You can’t ask for more, actually yes you can, make it cheap, oh wait, it is!

There should be a video attached, but I am still looking for it! I can’t believe I have misplaced it.

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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