MAOZUA 12000mAh Solar Charger Portable Solar Power Bank Dual USB Charger Built in LED Flashlight

It has been many weeks of testing, and I am happy to say this product has saved me from dull boring journeys on a number of occasions! I travel a lot, as a consultant, you are on the road pretty much every day. Some days travel is longer than others. With a 1200mAh power supply you can get at least 3 – 4 100% charges before the bank runs dry…. Here’s where to find it: Product Link

Lets start with the packaging, not much to be said about that. It’s functional. Very little in the way of waste.

Now on to the good stuff. The charger is great looking, yellow and black. Looks rugged with all the screws displayed around the edges. It’s pretty tough as well, as I have managed to drop it on numerous occasions when I have been out and about hiking, or just generally travelling to and from work. I do not think there is any metal plating, the plastic is very tough indeed.

On one of the long edges you have an LED light, on the opposite long edge you have a power button, press once to check how much power the battery has left, press twice to turn on the LED flash light. Nifty little feature. We had a couple of power cuts in our area and this came in very handy. The top edge is where you will find the USB and the Micro USB ports. One of the normal USB ports provides 1A of charging power whilst the other will provide 2A. I am ALWAYS using th 2A port.

The solar charger is not great. I tried to charge it in the sun once, and let’s just say it took a while. So not keen on that. I was going to knock off a star for that, but seeing as I can get 3 charges out of it, and it’s lasted through the journeys and the falls without any issues, I figured I could let it off not being able to fully charge itself with the solar panel.

There is also an LED torch on it, not a great one. but handy when you need a little light. It’s not going to be your go to light source when you’re going out foe a walk n the woods. But it’s good enough to get around when you’re in dire straits and in need of some illumination.

It’s a must have item now for me. It comes with me everywhere I go. You will always find this in my bag. But don’t use the solar powered side as for me it just didn’t work.

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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