Taotronics Universal Cradle Clamp for Mobile and Other Devices

I used to cycle a lot, growing up it was the one thing I really enjoyed as a hobby. Just grabbing the bike and heading out. An hour cycling and you could end up at the top of a hill overlooking South London, or down by Thames just people watching with a drink. Cycling is just enjoyable. At that age there never seemed to be a need for safety though, this thought catapults me back to the present. We live in a time where there are far too many accidents and deaths of cyclists. This product serves to help with that. Here’s where to find it: Product Link


When I got a job which was within cycling distance (60 minutes is the magic number), I decided that cycling would be a much better alternative to the train. I learnt very quickly that people neither care for nor look for cyclists. I needed to fix this, so I bought one like this: Creative Speaker. This is different to the one I still have (somewhere), as it’s larger. Mind is a lot smaller, and has a little loop hole so you can tie it to a lanyard. I had mine tied to a lanyard and hung around my neck.  With dance music blaring out, pedestrians and cars (with windows rolled down, or roof down) would hear me coming from some ways off. So my journey was safer now. But I had to stick to the route I knew by car as learning a new route whilst cycling is not the best of ideas, I don’t think. Fast forward to today and we find ourselves in a world filled with additional items to help Joe Bloggs cyclist be seen and heard.

This clamp is what I needed before. It would let me have my phone in there so I could put up directions, and with my phone being here I could now play music and change it whilst cycling! Perfect. It has a great clamp, strong and seems very well constructed. The jaws are made of metal, and have rubber inserts to grip the handle bar when closed up. The clamping part slides into little groves for the device holder, make sure you push this on properly and all the way.

The device holder is pretty cool, it has a one touch release button. Rubber on the back will stop your device from slipping, there are also rubber inserts on the arms on either side. Already quite sturdy! But wait, at bottom just sitting around the TaoTronics logo is a little platform which you can flip down for extra protection. The plastic used in the entire device is sturdy and feels like it will take a bashing, although only time will tell.

There are two additional pieces they provide, both items are used for extra security to stop your phone from falling out or bouncing around. Two silica grips (1 in black and 1 in orange) can be used for extra protection on the corners of your phone. All in all a well built product, very cool looking, clamps onto the handbar well, will hold most devices without any issues.

Now that being said there is only one real problem, I feel like my phone would be open to the elements on here.  By elements I mean theft. It’s a little worrying, but as a cyclist it’s possible. Just something I could not finish this review without mentioning.

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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