Emagie 366 Upgraded Wireless/Wired WiFi Security Camera, Surveillance camera, Video Baby/Pet Monitor

Having owned this camera for a few months it was high time I gave a verdict! Here’s where to find it: Product Link


The box turns up and you have a number of items inside. Let’s have a quick look:

– The camera
– Flat Ethernet cable
– Wireless antenna
– Wall mount
– Screws for wall mount
– Power supply.

The camera works great! I have been using it to monitor the little one. This not only allows me to keep an eye on her whilst I am out. But it also helps monitor the house as well. Let’s start with the basics, you have to turn the camera on. Make sure you are sitting close to the modem. Plug in the Ethernet cable, one end in the camera and the other end into one of the ports at the back of your modem.

This next step took me about 20 minutes, but managed to locate the right application. For android, you download an application called MIPC, this will allow you to connect. Once installed you need to scan the QR code at the bottom of the camera, or you can enter the username and password. Either way will get you logged in. You will then be asked to change the password and connect to the WiFi if you have one. Once configured you are good to go. I only have one camera, but I am pretty sure this application can manage any number.

Back to the camera. I have attached two screenshots showing the quality of the lens on the camera. It’s HD, but only 720p. It do not go over that. But that’s plenty, as the images come out clear and they are still very good even when using the night vision.

The back of the camera has a number of ports, aside from the LAN and the WiFi ports, you have an alarm port which allows you to connect your camera to your home alarm. You also have audio in and out, which means you have a different microphone to the one in the camera. Then there is the SD card, which when installed will allow the user to record events on the memory card.

The app will allow you to control where the camera is looking as well. The only issue I have found with the camera is that it is not full HD, and sometimes the image is not always clear. This last point could be any number of things. The screen on my phone and the fact it is up-scaling from 720p to over 1080p. So the up-scaling may not have been handled well.

All in all a good camera with some great features. The app works really with it too. Two thumbs up!

Here’s where to find it: Product Link

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